Shilo Kherington

Shilo Kherington

I am a knowledge seeker, a dot-connector, an INFJ, a curious soul.

As I navigated the ups and downs of my spiritual awakening I have explored many rabbit holes trying to understand anything and everything related to spirituality and the deeper mysteries of the universe.

Now, as I continue to expand and evolve, my mission is to share what I have learned with the intention of inspiring and supporting like-minded souls.

Hermetic Philosophy As Above So Below

Hermetic Philosophy and the Seven Hermetic Principles

Hermetic philosophy encompasses a set of spiritual and philosophical principles that have deeply influenced both esoteric spiritual traditions and conventional fields like science, alchemy, and astronomy. We introduce the core principles and practices of Hermeticism, including the famed...

Yin and Yang Symbol Meaning

Yin and Yang: The Dynamic Balance of Opposing Forces

The Yin and Yang symbol illustrates how seemingly opposing forces are not only interconnected but also interdependent, constantly interacting to maintain the balance of the natural world. This concept, fundamental to the symbol's meaning, has permeated various aspects...

Endless Knot Meaning

The Endless Knot: Buddhist Symbol of Samsara and Eternity

The Endless Knot, with its intricate loops and intertwined lines, serves as a powerful symbol of eternity and interconnectedness across various cultures and spiritual traditions. Known by several names, such as the Eternal Knot, the Auspicious Drawing, and...

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